Laravel vs WordPress: Speed, Performance, and SEO

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Laravel vs WordPress: Speed, Performance, and SEO

Laravel vs WordPress: Speed, Performance, and SEO – Which is Better For Your Web Development?

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Laravel is a PHP Web framework and an open source framework which was created and developed by Taylor Otwell. It was initially released in 2011. It is written in PHP 7 and supports the cross-platform operating system. It is mainly developed for the development of web applications that are based on the model view controller (MVC) architecture and symphony.

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) which was developed by the WordPress Foundation. It is written in PHP and was initially released in 2003. It has features like plugin architecture and template system.

Key Differences between Laravel vs WordPress

Both the Laravel vs WordPress platform are recommended to any business. Let us examine some of the key difference between Laravel vs WordPress:

Code Developed

In Laravel, the developed codes are well organized. When the code grows, Laravel takes care of How to reuse the existing code and solves the problem automatically to a greater extent. While In WordPress, all the content needs to be maintained by the developer and in a particular way that when code grows it will be simple to understand.

In Laravel framework developer needs to understand the code. While in WordPress, it is really easy to start building the website by selecting any particular theme.

In the Laravel framework, there is a great learning curve, which means it requires to be understood. While In WordPress, it is having less learning curve. By using a theme anyone can write any content and publish it for free and quickly.


Laravel has a lot of features like authentication, authorization, inversion of control, etc. It is also getting better and better with its new releases. While In WordPress, authentication has been taken care of by using available plugins.


In Laravel, SEO needs to define its own routes and also it takes a lot of work to develop a website which relies mainly on content. While In WordPress, SEO can be done more efficiently by using plugins which help to reduce lots of effort and time to perform SEO for any websites.


In Laravel database can be used or designed in your own way. While in WordPress, the database is mostly not required as it remains the static data mostly.


Compare to Laravel WordPress has a large community of developers to support and guide.

Laravel framework is less flexible to update and change any content while WordPress is more flexible to edit and update any content at any point in time.

Performance comparison between Laravel vs WordPress:

Laravel framework is really quick and fast. It is referred to as an improved and better platform. Laravel use Eloquent for writing the database queries which make the task easier. If it not used, Laravel becomes slower.

WordPress sometimes becomes slow because of the use of plugins. Take note that if anyone is using the better plugins or strongly coded plugins than a performance of WordPress is also better and quite fast.

Conclusion: Laravel vs WordPress

Laravel and WordPress both platforms are quite different as Laravel is framework whereas WordPress is Content management system. To use Laravel developer need to know the object-oriented programming to write any code and develop the web application. Both Laravel and WordPress is used for different purposes. Laravel and WordPress are having own pros and cons. But both are really commendable in their expertise and usages. So, the selection of any technology will always be done on the base of the future vision of any project.

Anjali Punjab

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