What’s New in SharePoint Framework (SPFx 1.10)?

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What’s New in SharePoint Framework (SPFx 1.10)?


A very quick definition of SharePoint Framework: It is an application framework used to build and extend modern experiences in SharePoint.

The only option that’s been available in the initial SPFx release (in early 2017) webparts, and later 2017 extensions been released to customize more facets of the SharePoint experience, including notification areas, toolbars, and list data views.

SPFx features hosted scenarios in classic, modern, system pages, App pages & with Teams are either webparts / extensions or both as below.

This framework is evolving constantly. Microsoft announced major development areas in the SPFx framework, and the below features are quite impressive. We are going to discuss this in forthcoming articles and a more detailed discussion with the GA feature in the new SPFx 1.10 framework.

The interesting areas are:

  1. Web Parts
  2. Extensions
  3. Domain Isolated webparts
  4. App Pages
  5. Graph API support
  6. Support for Teams &
  7. Supporting 3rd party API’s with AAD security

The SPFx 1.10 release has the below General Availability features:

  • Pre-allocated application customizer placeholders
  • SharePoint Framework for Teams – Personal tab support
  • SharePoint Framework for Teams – Added support for Teams mobile app
  • List notification API

And Developer Preview Features has:

  • Query modification extension
  • SPFx support for Office Add-ins
Anjali Punjab

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