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One of the most widely used operating systems in workplaces and homes is Microsoft Windows.

Numerous server versions of this top-selling operating system provide as the foundation for numerous web hosting solutions.

However, because of their dependability, security, speed, and superior software ecosystem with the greatest applications, Unix-based servers power the majority of hosting services.

Despite all of these advantages, not everyone would find Linux to be the ideal choice. If you wish to run Microsoft stack solutions on a website that is primarily built using Microsoft technologies like.NET or ASP.NET, you must choose Windows hosting.

Not to add that Windows has developed over the years, has grown in popularity, and is seen as a reliable option to meet your needs. Furthermore, employing exclusively Microsoft products is not a must if you choose Windows hosting.

Numerous hosting companies provide quick and simple installation of practical software like IIS, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others, in addition to features that are already included to make the development process enjoyable.

By Windows Hosting and ASP.NET, what exactly do you mean?

When using Windows hosting, the server’s primary operating system is Microsoft Windows.

Internet Information Services (IIS), a well-liked hosting solution, is included with Windows hosting. Additionally, it supports a number of popular databases and programming languages, including Microsoft SQL, ASP.NET, PHP, and others.

The online application framework known as ASP.NET was created by none other than Microsoft. Web services, web apps, and dynamic web applications can all be created using this framework.

Let’s look at a few of its advantages.

A familiar touch

Given Windows’ enormous popularity, there is a good chance that you may have used it in the past. As a result, running the software on your PC and configuring your hosting server are made easier by your knowledge with the system.

However, you must have knowledge of and familiarity with a command-line interface if you use an OS that is based on Unix. Some people might not feel comfortable with this. And even if you watch several videos to understand how to use it, one incorrect command could cause your website or application to crash in front of your eyes or even open a security hole.


The switch from Windows hosting to Linux hosting, if necessary, is easy. It also holds true for the situation in which you switch from another server operating system to Windows and relocate a website or apps hosted there. As a result, it makes it more convenient for you to make future modifications.


The degree of flexibility offered by Windows hosting is unparalleled. You could clone your LAMP stack, use IIS or Apache as server software, or have a lot more flexibility.

Regular software upgrades

Microsoft often updates its operating system and software packages. As a result, you are protected with the most recent security patches to guarantee the security of your website and application.

Now that you know how to host ASP.NET applications on Windows, are you ready?

I’m going to say YES!

For this, let’s examine the best Windows hosting solutions.


ASPHostPortal is a specialist Windows ASP.NET hosting provider that also provides Linux shared hosting plans. It hosts more than 50,000 websites from 12 data centers around the world.

ASPHostPortal is a specialist Windows ASP.NET hosting provider that also provides Linux shared hosting plans plus cloud hosting, reseller hosting, email hosting, and associated services such as domain registration.

This company markets itself as the “#1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Spotlight Hosting Partner in the United States,” and it hosts more than 50,000 websites. It has been in business for over a decade, and it has 12 data centers across Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. Its website is in English.


An excellent hosting service with great prices, HostForLIFE is a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stable hosting partner to support their growth.

HostForLIFE is without doubt Europe’s best and most trusted Windows hosting service. With reliable servers in four major European cities and nine other cities around the world, HostForLIFE brings businesses closer to their customers.

With HostForLIFE, you get a dual-quad core server with at least 16 GB RAM and RAID 10 disk arrays. From my experience, set up is easy: your servers will be up and running within an hour of placing your order.

Customers concerned about data security will be happy to know that HostForLIFE takes server security and data protection seriously. They have a foolproof security system that monitors their network constantly for unusual activity and alerts technical support to take action before the issue affects your servers.


AccuWebHosting offers enterprise-grade hosting service for your ASP.Net websites at an affordable price on Cloud. It supports Windows 2008, Silverlight 5, MVC 5, IIS Manager, and ASP.Net AJAX.

They are one of the few hosting companies offering the latest technologies for Windows hosting. All plans include ASP.Net 4.6/3/2 support, MySQL database, SQL 2008, PHP, Visual Studio 2013, MS Access, Active Perl, 1-click installation, free migration, DDoS protection and security monitoring, Node.js, WebSockets, and more.

AccuWebHosting uses Dual Xeon E5 series for windows hosting servers with 64GB RAM and SAN storage with RAID 10, emphasizing the quality and performance. AccuWebHosting uses SolidCP Control Panel to give you the freedom to create and manage subdomains, websites, Databases, Email accounts, files, and more.


The time has come when you don’t need to rely only on Linux anymore when hosting your web applications. Microsoft Windows brings you both reliance and performance to cater to your growing needs.

So, go on to choose a Windows hosting plan of your choice to host your ASP.NET applications without any double minds about it.

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